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Place where features blessings of the living earth, unspoilt Japanese landscapes, rich experiences and healings

Yuyukan is an activity-oriented accommodation/guest house located at the foot of Kirishima mountain range in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Hidden in a rich natural environment with unspoilt Japanese landscapes, the site covers an area of nearly 50,000 square meters with a farm, horseback riding trails, an open space for interacting with animals, hands-on farm, and an orchard.

In the neighborhood, there is a natural hot spring famous as a “bath of beauty” which moisturizes and smoothens your skin, and there is also a mountain village where you can enjoy hiking, playing in the river and observing the precious ecosystem. This rural unexplored region is a secret resort where you can enjoy both the Japanese lifestyle and its healing that modern people have forgotten.

Mori no Yado (“Forest Inn”) – Entire house for you with amazingly reasonable price equipped with amenities and facilities that are superior to a hotel

The building of Yuyukan is also locally known as Mori no Yado (“Forest Inn”) designed by a first-class architect. This designer house accommodation is available for one group a day.Please enjoy using the whole building as if you live in a new villa.

Yuyukan is a so-called guest house, but you will surely love it with facilities and cleanliness that are better than those of ordinary hotels.

From a one-day stay to a few consecutive days, a trip with your spouse, family and friends, guests from Japan and overseas are welcome to stay in our guest house in their own ways and styles.

Guest rooms, amenities, and facilities

A number of experiences of running through the earth, enjoying the harvest, and meeting real culture

At the Fureai no Oka (“Hill of Interaction”), an activity-oriented farm that spreads out in the vast premises of Yuyukan, you can enjoy horseback riding, interacting with small animals, farming and harvesting.

The staff at the farm will help small children or beginners to take their first step on horseback riding, so anyone can enjoy riding a real horse. If you have a lot of riding experience, you can enjoy the ride outside the facility.

You can also experience feeding and caring for rabbits, birds, and other animals. You also have chances to learn how to harvest agricultural products grown in Shirasu soil (volcanic soil), which brings a rich bounty to southern Kyushu, and learn how to make precious local dishes that have been handed down in this region.

Besides, you can experience a variety of unique activities that are not easy to find in other places in Japan, such as learning about new materials that may change the world and enjoying the deep tour in which you can enjoy the performance of Kyushu’s best illusionist right in front of you.

Yuyukan original optional tours

Exploring Miyakonojo City in Kyushu with full of dynamic charms like the history of the living earth and samurai culture

Natural mountains such as Mt. Kirishima and Mt. Takachiho-no-mine, and abundant groundwater that has been stored for many years. The city of Miyakonojo in Miyazaki Prefecture, home to the Yuyukan is known for its high-quality water, and the Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd., who uses that water to make shochu, is one of the largest shochu makers in Japan.

The city is also known for its delicious agricultural products made from the fertile soil of the Shirasu Plateau. In recent years, it has become one of the best places in Japan for the local foods with first-class Kurobuta (“Black Berkshire”) and Miyazaki Beef, two-time-champion of the Wagyu Olympics.

Miyakonojo City also has a history as the birthplace of the Satsuma and Shimazu clans, and in the area, the spirit of Japanese samurai culture still remains. The spirit also remains in traditional industries, Miyakonojo Daikyu (archery bows) is designated as a national traditional craft, and the national archery competition is held in Miyakonojo City every year.

Explore the places in Miyakonojo where you can encounter the blessings of the living earth, the tradition and history of Japanese samurai culture, and the amazing local gourmet food.

Visitor attractions nearby

Access from overseas

In recent years, Yuyukan has been attracting visitors not only from all over Kyushu, but also from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, as well as many other Asian countries. We welcome our guests not only from Japan but also from China, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries with the same hospitality.

If you are from overseas, you can request a small language translation device. We would like to provide a safe and comfortable feeling while you stay at our guest house.

We hope you can find the necessary information from the link below on how to get to our guest house by car, by train, and from Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka airports.

Access details to Yuyukan

Reviews from the guests

It is a perfect place for people who live in a busy city life. If you have good weather, you can see the beautiful starry sky. In the mornings, you can hear the roosters on the farm nearby, which makes your day unusual and extraordinary.
We could relax in a quiet, remote location with a beautiful and stylish interior and an open courtyard that allows a distant view. Their service was meticulous, which made our stay very comfortable.
It was located in between Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture, which allowed us to enjoy sightseeing in both prefectures. The house was very clean, and the amenities were perfect. The whole family was very satisfied to have stayed there. We will definitely come back when we are able to.

We started running Yuyukan with the hope of creating a truly relaxing and comfortable guest house that would change the image of a typical guest house. Thanks to all the guests, our guest house is rated 5-star on Airbnb (As of June 2019).

All of our services are handmade by local people living here. There are few tourist facilities in Miyakonojo City in Kyushu. But instead, there are untouched blessings of nature and good old Japanese landscapes and human activities that modern people have forgotten.

If you want to remember something you forgot, how about taking a good rest in this countryside and enjoying its nature? We are looking forward to your visit.