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Yuyukan is an activity-oriented accommodation/guest house located at the foot of Kirishima mountain range in Miyakonojo City in Kyushu where a variety of optional tours are offered for the guests.

Some of the activities are unique and rare even in Japan. You can experience the good old Japanese rural life, the history and climate of Miyakonojo, and the connection with local people.

Horseback riding, harvesting agricultural products and edible wild plants, fishing in the river, making local dishes from ancient times in the Satsuma region, learning about new materials that may change the world, and enjoying the deep tour in which you can enjoy the performance of Kyushu’s best illusionist right in front of you. We offer those unique activities to enjoy this area 200%.

1.Horseback riding for the first time: Couples and parents and children can interact with a horse together

At the Fureai no Oka (“Hill of Interaction”) that spreads out in the vast premises of Yuyukan, there is a farm where you can meet small ponies and cute miniature horses.

If you are looking for an opportunity to let your children interact with a horse, or an opportunity to ride a horse together with your partner or family, please don’t miss to join this tour. The staff will provide individual supports from the very first lesson of the horseback riding and also for taking a walk on a horse leading the reins.

Horseback riding lead by a staff: 2,000 JPY (15 mins per person)
Beginner horseback riding lesson: 8,000 JPY (50 mins per person)

2.High-level horseback riding on the special trail: Recommended for those who have a lot of riding experience

If you have a lot of experience in horseback riding, it is recommended running with your horse around the farm. There is also a trail around the farm at Fureai no Oka where you can enjoy connecting with horses while feeling the breeze of the mother nature.

Based on your experience, the staff can guide and support you go around with your horse on the trail. It is very valuable to be able to enjoy a full-fledged horseback riding experience on a farm in Japan. Please contact us if you would like to try.

Horseback riding inside the designated area: 6,500 JPY (40 mins per person)
Horseback riding on the trail around the farm: 18,000 JPY (90 mins per person)

3.River fishing experience in the clear stream: Feel the joy and excitement of catching a fish by your own

In this area with big nature around, you can enjoy fishing in the river with just one fishing rod. Requests such as “I want to enjoy fishing like I used to when I was a child” or “I want my kids to find the fun in fishing” are welcomed here. A local guide can show and lecture you how to enjoy fishing on your request.

River fishing activity: 5,000 JPY (one time per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

4.A tour to learn from local farmers about the real farming experience, planting and maintenance of crops, and harvesting

The soil of the region’s unique Shirasu Plateau provides us with rich agricultural products. This tour provides participants with a real experience of daily farming of local farmers and helps them understand the hard work, fun, and challenging of growing crops.

It is also an opportunity to develop a sense of gratitude for food by experiencing the processes that require human hands, such as seedling production, seeding, planting, and soil preparation and care to support the growth of farmland. Harvesting is a happy time for farmers, even if it’s the busiest time of the year. Depending on the season, you can experience different kinds of crops. It’s a very rare tour where you can experience real agriculture.

Experiencing agriculture activities: 4,000 JPY (one time per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

5.Harvesting the blessings of the mountains unique to southern Kyushu: Let’s go out in the nature to find wild vegetables and bamboo shoots that grow naturally in the area

Various Japanese wild vegetables grow wild in the vast premises of Yuyukan. In this tour, the staff will guide you walk through Satoyama and pick up some editable wild plants peculiar to Japan and southern Kyushu, such as Zenmai (Osmunda Japonica), Warabi (bracken), Udo (Aralia cordata), and Taranome (Fatsia sprouts).

Also, if it is somewhere between spring and summer, one of the best activities would be to find bamboo shoots that grow in Satoyama. You can enjoy the blessings of nature by cooking rice, tempura, and simmered dishes using harvested edible wild plants, or enjoying freshly picked bamboo shoots to your heart’s content.

Harvesting seasonal edible wild plants and bamboo shoots: 4,000 JPY (one time per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

6.Learn to make traditional regional cuisines of Satsuma: A valuable experience now

Akumaki, which is said to have been brought by the Shimazu army of Satsuma during the Battle of Sekigahara, is one of the region’s traditional local cuisines.

Why don’t you try to cook this local dish with a professional, which is now rare and precious even in the local area? A local farmer’s mom will teach you how to make local Satsuma dishes.

Making local cuisines: 6,000 JPY (one time per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

7.Trekking in Satoyama: See the precious wild plants and wild birds that visit this area


Miyakonojo City with rich nature is also known as an area where precious wild birds gather throughout the year. Kanemidake, with its altitude of 472 m, is nationally famous as a spot where you can observe the summer bird “grey-faced buzzard” of the family Accipitridae, and in the nearby forest, you can also see migratory birds such as the Daurian Redstart in the winter.

If you want to observe the precious wild birds that gather here, or if you want to meet various wild plants that grow all over southern Kyushu, Trekking in Satoyama is the one you want to join. You can enjoy finding seasonal wild plants, visiting recommended bird-watching spots, and collecting edible wild plants when the season allows.

Trekking in Satoyama: 5,000 JPY (one time per person)
*If you request a guide to be accompanied, additional 3,000 JPY will be charged.

8.Interacting with and caring for animals: Foster your symbiosis and compassion

At the Fureai no Oka located inside the premises of Yuyukan, you can meet a variety of animals such as rabbits, roosters, pigs, and dogs. Interacting with these animals is said to have positive effects on the brains and minds of small children, such as fostering compassion and increasing motivation to learn.

If you have a family with small children, you might want to join the activities like feeding the animals, taking care of them and replacing the bedding materials. It would sure be a great way to learn the laws and the blessings of nature.

Taking care of the animals: 3,000 JPY (one time per person)
*The Fureai no Oka staff will show you what to do.

9.Caring of various kinds of flowers you can find in Japan at Flower Garden.

At Fureai no Oka located inside the premises of Yuyukan, colorful flowers bloom beautifully in all seasons. If you want to know more about the beauty of the flowers in Japan and see how they are cared, you can experience the actual work to care the flowers in the Flower Garden.

The staff specialized in gardening will teach you what flower they are and show you how to take care of them.

Caring of flowers: 4,000 JPY (90 mins per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

10.Crafting interior accessories: Be amazed by the virtue of natural material, “Shirasu”

In the past, a unique stratum called “Shirasu Plateau” was formed in this area by the eruption of Kirishima volcanic belt. The soil of this Shirasu Plateau was once said to be unsuitable for rice production, and it used to be treated as a nuisance. But now, Shirasu has transformed into a major industry representing the city.

In this workshop, you can experience making your own interior accessories and coasters while learning about the characteristics and virtues of Shirasu. It is an excellent opportunity to actually see and learn the power of Shirasu, which has become known as an attractive building material with excellent moisture control and deodorant function.

Crafting interior accessories 5,000 JPY (one time per person)
*Minimum number of participants is 3.

11.Watch the skilled magic of the Kyushu’s top illusionist Joker Miyajima

Having previously trained by a world-class illusionist and had done several performances overseas, Joker Miyajima has returned to his hometown of Miyakonojo and opened a snack bar specializing in professional illusion and magic performances, which you can only find a few in Japan.

This tour takes you in deep where you can enjoy a rare performance of illusions and table magics in front of your eyes while enjoying foods and drinks at the bar where one of the best illusionists Joker Miyajima owns.

The staff of Yuyukan, who knows well the nightlife of the area, will accompany you both on your way to and from so you can feel safe to enjoy. It’s a magical optional tour where you will be overwhelmed by the real illusions that you’ve only seen on TV.

Illusion performance: 10,000 JPY (per person)
We will take you to the bar downtown.

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