Room arrangements, amenities, ancillary facilities

Here is the information about the room arrangements, amenities and ancillary facilities of Yuyukan, a designer house with sophisticated design and facilities built in the rich nature where the unspoilt landscapes of Japan remain.

We have spacious living room, clean bedrooms, tatami room, fully equipped kitchen, and a wood deck space for BBQs. Special attentions were paid to the bathroom and toilet, and of course, the house is equipped with air conditioning. You can relax in a comfortable space beautifully harmonized with the nature of Kirishima.

We have put an L-shaped sofa and an extra seat that can seat up to 6 people so that couples and families can relax. A table with enough space is selected in the living room and a large TV is installed in front of it.

There are 2 bedrooms (2 beds x 2 rooms) in the building where you will be staying, and each bedroom is fully equipped with its own air conditioning system and the lightings that can be controlled for each bed. With two rooms separated, couples, parents and children, friends and families can keep their private spaces.

Next to the modern living space, there is also a Japanese-style room where you can feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere. Stretch your legs slowly on Tatami, lie down a little while, and try to sleep on a Futon in a Japanese-style room. Just try to enjoy life with Tatami while you stay at our place.

Yuyukan is a guest house where you can use the whole building only for your selves during your stay. Although dinner and breakfast meals are not offered, facilities are fully equipped to bring in your favorite foods and enjoy cooking. Please be assured that gas stoves, a refrigerator, a rice cooker, a microwave, a toaster, seasonings, tableware and kitchen detergents are also available.

As a token of our gratitude to our guests, we also provide Magma Shirasu Mai (“Magma Shirasu Rice”) for free which is grown in the local Shirasu soil. You can find the rice in the kitchen. Please enjoy the rice which is special to this place with its sweetness and elasticity that is somewhat different.

You can walk through from inside the house to the wood deck space. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a BBQ while enjoying the nature of Kirishima. Charcoal, stove, as well as a set of meat and vegetables for BBQ are available on request, so please let us know when you make a reservation.

We wanted our guests to feel comfortable even with small details, so special attentions were given to amenities as well as the facilities of bathroom and toilet. We have face towels, bath towels, and toothbrushes in a large number, and we also have a hair dryer, a laundry dryer, laundry detergents, and hangers in the room. We have newly installed a flush toilet with an automatic opening and closing function.

Of course, you can use the bath in the house, but it is also recommended to enjoy the natural hot spring Yamada Onsen Koryu Center (“Yamada Hot Spring Interchange Center”) that is 2 minutes away by car or the one-day hot spring Kakashi no Sato Yupoppo (“Yupoppo the Village of Scarecrow”) that is 7 minutes away by car.

Yuyukan is a lodging facility in a secluded region hidden in nature. Therefore, almost all the guests come by rental car or their private car. The parking space is right in front of the building where you will stay and is large enough to accommodate up to 3 cars, so you don’t have to worry about parking space.

Yuyukan is a very reasonable hotel with a minimum price of ¥10,000 (varies according to the number of people) per night. Please tap the “Availability and Reservation” button to access the Airbnb website/app for the availability and details. We also accept the reservations through Airbnb (payment accepted only with credit cards). We are looking forward to your visit.

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